The Nornir Story

Well to start...I am actually a scientist! And these days changing the jewelry industry is my game. I live with my wonderful husband and amazing cats, we love to travel and cook and watch old tv and movies. Aside from needing a creative outlet, a variety of aspects of my life lead me to designing and making my own jewelry...

The first thing you need to know about me is that I have a big head (not like I tip over when I stand up, just a little large). I needed earrings that I could wear that wouldn't be painful after an hour of wearing over the ear headphones or while I'm sleeping (someone must be able to relate here). I tried and tried to find just the right jewelry for all my piercings. Finally I got an inspiration with a pair of thread earrings I had, and I tried them out for a couple of weeks. No exaggeration, I got compliments everywhere I went. Several months later - Nornir Materiel began to grow from an idea to reality.

Second, I really try to incorporate earth-friendly and responsible choices into as many parts of my life as possible. Thankfully metal recycling is very common, but in general jewelry is a little bit behind the current sustainable fashion movement which has gone mainstream. So I wanted to do my part and that was a big deal when figuring out where to start my business.

Third, and most day job, while fulfilling, was never going to get me to the kind of financial resources that I needed to follow my life goal, which is worldwide animal rescue. Of course any volunteering or donation at all makes a difference, but the greater the success of Nornir Materiel, the closer I get to supporting all of the worthy causes who are doing so much good around the world. One day I hope that the company can open an Animal Sanctuary, and I will do that with the help of each and every earring purchase. 

Oh the name you ask? Well in Old Norse mythology the Nornir are the ones who rule the destiny and fate of all beings. Often depicted as 'weaving' fate, I thought it was a nice symmetry with threading the earrings and making them your own. Materiel isn't a misspelling! It comes from French and means: "the aggregate of things used or needed in any business, undertaking, or operation". All credit given to my husband for this idea!

When you are shopping here, know that it means a great deal to me and that you are supporting small business and woman-owned business! Right now it's just me running everything and making every earring, but I've got dreams for the future.