How To Put Your Earrings In

earring box

If you’re reading means you’re one of our fantastic customers and I’m so happy to welcome you in to this threading community!

This page is hopefully going to guide you to exactly the right look that you are going for.

You are welcome to wear your earrings absolutely any way you want to, obviously....this is meant to give you a place to start and give you an idea of what we think works out great. This is strictly a guide for application! For style ideas, check product pictures or social media. As a start, take note of how the charms and earring are placed in the box you receive it. Yes, there is a little DIY with these earrings, but hopefully that gives you some room to be creative!

RULE #1: DO NOT PUT YOUR EARRINGS IN OVER A SINK, DRAIN, BOTTOMLESS CHASM, SARLACC PIT ETC. Lost earrings will not be replaced. So please find a mirror in a safe place when you are inserting them!

The Thread

When you’re starting with your thread earring decide which direction you want it inserted and gently pull the post at the end of thread earring through the piercing. The gauge of the thread should be a size you are comfortable with already but any gauge should be okay over time. I hope you read our buying guide beforehand!

When your chain is about half way through your ear, or a couple of inches away from the Anchor (the charm hanging from the thread), stop threading and let the Anchor hang down. If the Anchor is meant to face a certain way, then when it is hanging notice which direction is facing...if it’s not the right way then roll the thread between your fingers in the direction the Anchor needs to turn and pull the chain at the same time. After you try that let the Anchor hang down again and see where it settles. Repeat process until the Anchor hangs in the most appealing way. 

The Charms

If you’re going to add charms on, it might be easiest to do in front of a mirror the first time. Take the end of the earring and point the end post away from you, thread the end post through the ring of the charm like you’re threading a needle or a shoelace. Once the ring is securely hanging from the chain, thread the chain through your second piercing. Repeat this process as many times as you want!

The only real guidance here is that generally the charms should be held facing forward when the chain is threaded through. That means it will most likely face that direction when it hangs naturally.

The Silicone Bead


The Silicone Beads are available now to purchase as many as you want. It is a gold or silver bead filled with silicone, so that there is friction when you place it onto a Thread. You can use that to hold the threads in place, or as it's own decoration! I have yet to have a whole thread earring pulled entirely especially if it's looped through more than one piercing. 


Just a warning: The thread and charms may twist around and need some re-doing after a while. It's okay...these aren't magic and they are subject to the laws of nature!


See our social media for more threading and styling ideas!