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leaf thread earring with bit

2. pick your charm 

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And of course the charms aren't necessary, just fun!


Typically any gauge thread will be comfortable and you won’t even notice them! You can pick any of the 3 length options in order to design your perfect stacked look.
thread earring length options


Our extra short thread length is roughly 2.5" long and is ideal for single earrings or double piercings. These work perfectly for the Thread Studs!
Our short thread length is roughly 3" long and is ideal for single earrings or double piercings. Also great for triple piercings if they are close together, and with no slack (the chain and charms will be against the skin).
Our medium thread length is roughly 4” long and is ideal for 2-4 piercings with room to hang, and weaving lobe and cartilage piercings around the ear together. Can also be for single earrings that you want to hang closer to the shoulder.
Our long thread length is roughly 5” long and is for multiple loops through multiple piercings around the ear. This gives you the most flexibility for hanging length and areas of the ear where the piercings are.
Got an interesting ear? Perhaps an extra lobe? Reach out and I'll build you an earring!
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Depending on what look you are going for with your Thread Earring, some Charms may work better than others. Typically the way that the photos demonstrate the Charms are all the ways we think they look best. Feel free to experiment!
At this time, charms cannot be bought as sole purchases. A thread earring must be a part of your order. 

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Please note: each earring is made to order and parts are kept in low quantities to reduce any waste. If you see a style you like, it may be the last one I have for some time.