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Starburst Thread

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For people with a little star power, or who want to bring the sparkle closer to their face. This Starburst can be threaded into any ear it will really stand out! Especially if you mix up your metals. Stack it with our Tiny Star perhaps?!

  • 14K Gold Starburst or .925 Sterling Silver Starburst
  • ~9mm long
  • 14K Gold Cable Chain - 22 gauge
  • Sterling Silver Cable Chain - 20 gauge

      If you haven't read the Buying Guide please do so, it will help you shop!

        Pictured on model is the Short Length Chain. Silver Star, Moon, and Cubic Zirconia Drop Charm sold separately. Product picture on green background is medium length.

        Thread earrings are sold individually

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        Every purchase donates to wildlife rescue

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 2 reviews
        Wil C.
        Better than expected

        I wasn't sure what to expect wearing these earrings but now that I've been wearing this one for a couple of days I am convinced. I got this in gold and long length to thread through 4 piercings and I just love the look. I don't even notice them while I wear headphones. Will definitely get more!

        Morgan C.
        My fav earring now

        Stars are my favorite and I love that this is a little different. I would have thought the points on the star might poke me but it's really so comfortable to wear day after day. I put the princess charm with this and it's my favorite look!