Environmental Impact

Nornir Materiel Standards

There are so many choices you can make in life that are a little bit more environmentally friendly, and a little more responsible. At Nornir Materiel I want that to be your jewelry as well.

Our ethic is to be as good for the planet as possible, and to that end:

  • The materials we buy are either recycled metals, and/or come from a vendor with the same standards as we have. In the future we aim to be 100% recycled metals. They are also free of harmful metals and chemicals like Nickel and Cadmium (and the obvious ones, like Uranium) in accordance with all EU regulations.
  • The jewelry building process is non-toxic (for me and you) and waste is managed according to all safety regulations.
  • Each earring is hand made-to-order in small quantities to reduce waste.
  • The shipping boxes are recycled cardboard and are meant to be kept to keep your jewelry safe, and not disposed of. We ship all items from your purchase in as few boxes as possible, unless otherwise requested.


Wider Impact


To make an even bigger impact on our planet, $1 from every <$100 purchase and $3 from every >$100 will be donated to WildAid. WildAid has been rated as one of the highest impact, and most effective charities in the animal rescue mission. A portion of every purchase will go to this charity at the end of the year. Learn more about them here: www.WildAid.org


In addition to that, we have signed up with a new service called Ecologi which takes some of OUR proceeds from every single product sold and plants a tree in Madagascar. Not only does that offset the Carbon generated with shipping, but helps the animals keep their natural homes. Deforestation is a crisis on our planet, and we hope our small contributions will make the planet a little more suitable for someone. Learn more at: https://ecologi.com/ and track our progress at: https://ecologi.com/nornirmateriel.


Typically any 'service' which collects donations or processes them for a company takes some percentage for payment. We have eliminated this step because we want every penny that you are willing to donate to go directly to the charity, and not someone pressing buttons on a computer. As a small business I know the percentage that we're able to donate will increase over time, and I will personally send that to WildAid once a year. 


I hope you believe in our mission and support our causes.